Parish movement under attack by thieves:

From WIVB's Anthony Congi

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - A movement to keep a Buffalo parish open is coming under attack by thieves.

The parishioners of St. Adalbert's Basilica in Buffalo have been showing their disapproval over recent decisions made by Bishop Edward Kmiec, and not everyone's happy about it.

Bishop Kmiec decided to close the Bascilica which did not sit well with the many who grew up attending mass here.

The group "Save St. Adalbert" came together and petitioned to the Vatican, which ruled that the Basilica must stay open.

Parish Trustee, Lori Dinero said, "We went to the Bishop thinking that in light of this new information, we could forge a new path. And unfortunately, the Bishop said, 'But it's still in my control, what masses I have. And you're going to be an oratory, and I'm not allowing any masses after September 18th."

The group decided to post signs around the church reading "Bishop Kmiec What Would Jesus Do?". They even hung a large banner in front of the church.

"We've been told by Diocesan that it's disrespectful to the Bishop and I guess what I would say is, this question is not a matter of disrespect, it's a matter of conscience," added Dinero.

Since the group started putting the signs up, they've been taken down or stolen.

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