On Apr. 28, 1887, Bishop Stephen V. Ryan confirmed over 500 children at St. Adalbert's.  The Catholic Union and Times reported:  "The Rt. Rev. Bishop confirms over five hundred Polish children in St. Adelbert's church, to-day (Thursday).  Alas!  In the words of Dr. Rochester - in a lecture delivered in this city a few years ago - the prolific foreigner is pushing the unproductive native to the wall.  Five hundred children!  That's twice more than fashionable Delaware avenue will see in a decade."

No record has been found containing the names of those who were confirmed.

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  1. Marilyn Jurek Loveland

    I am doing Polish genealogy (trying to find all 14 of my great-grandfather's children) and found that St Adalbert's has kindly posted deaths from the 1890s and early 1900s to FindaGrave, including the names of the parents (Piotr and Marya Jurek). This has allowed me to find that my great grandfather and his wife had 5 children who passed in infancy (in the first year of life). I would not have known this without your work, and am grateful. I have not been able to find the baptisms for the children you listed. Their first child was born in Jan 1893, and I found her baptism in the online St Stanislaus baptismal records (on, but I am unable to find baptisms for any of the ensuing children, who were born almost every year. Since the other children were buried out of St Adalbert, it would make sense that they would have been baptized there, right? Your baptismal records are very clear and complete (on Do you think my great-grandfather (who was a hot-headed man) may not have had his children baptized? Your info on FindaGrave indicates how old each child was when he/she passed, so that was a tremendous help to me. Also, may I ask what made it so your church is doing this good work on FindaGrave?

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